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Depression can feel frightening and can be quite frustrating. It is different than the “everyday blues” because it gets in the way of daily living. The symptoms of depression range in severity and can last varying lengths of time. For some individuals depression has come and gone throughout life, while for others it is a one time occurrence. Many people with depression experience sadness, tearfulness, lethargy, lack of pleasure in activities once enjoyed, sleep disturbances such as insomnia or hypersomnia, weight changes, feelings of guilt or hopelessness, and at times may even feel suicidal.

Danielle Jagoda, Marriage and Family Therapist, can help ease your distress. She is familiar with the challenges depression presents and how impairing it can be in one’s life.

Danielle utilizes psychotherapy techniques to explore her clients’ feelings of depression. She is aware of the way an individual’s thoughts influence emotions and behaviors. When people become depressed they tend to be consumed by negative thinking patterns, which Danielle helps her clients to replace with balanced ways of thinking thus creating more positive feelings and interactions.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Danielle, also acknowledges that one’s past can trigger symptoms of depression as well as situations in the present. She explores the effects of depression and helps her clients find solutions to make lasting changes in their lives. She realizes depression can be scary. Danielle uses her psychotherapeutic skills to assist clients in bringing forward their strengths, increasing their self-awareness, and helping them to regain a sense of happiness.

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