Danielle Jagoda, M.A., LMFT


Relationship Issues
Life Transition
Substance Abuse
Eating Disorders

Substance Abuse

It’s often difficult to cope with feelings of depression, anxiety, hurt, and resentment. It can be even more challenging to face disappointments head on. Many people ease the pain of dealing directly with the complications of life by using and abusing substances. Drugs and alcohol help individuals to numb emotions and the harsh realities that life can present. Substance abuse tends to run in families, yet has become a serious issue amongst teens who may think they are simply experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

For whatever reason one is using drugs and / or alcohol, Danielle Jagoda, uses her skills as a Marriage and Family Therapist to explore the substance abuse in an open and honest manner. She is aware of the self-deception, lies, and manipulative behaviors that tend to coexist with drug use. During psychotherapy she explores possible secrets around the substance use, enabling behaviors amongst family / friends, and assists clients in being honest with themselves and others. Underlying emotions are processed as well. Over time clients learn to face life’s struggles without using alcohol or drugs.

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