Danielle Jagoda, M.A., LMFT


Relationship Issues
Life Transition
Substance Abuse
Eating Disorders


We live in a hectic, fast-paced world. Life can often feel overwhelming, particularly when we are faced with obstacles that seem insurmountable. For many people anxiety is an all too common feeling. Like depression, anxiety can be related to conflictual relationships at work or with family and friends. It may also be the result of past trauma. Some amount of anxiety is normal and even healthy. However, when anxiety interferes with accomplishing the tasks of daily living, it most likely has become a problem.

Marriage and Family Therapist, Danielle Jagoda, helps her clients identify items that trigger their anxiety. At times anxiety can lead to panic attacks, which are discrete periods of intense fear and uncomfortable symptoms (i.e. trembling, sweating, heart palpitations, fear of dying, etc). She also uses psychotherapy to assist clients who are having a difficult time figuring out the source of their anxiety and stress. She gives these individuals the tools to track and manage their general feelings of discomfort. Some tools include progressive muscle relaxation, imagery / visualization, and breathing techniques. Danielle is aware of how paralyzing anxiety can be and helps her clients to regain a sense of control.

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